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Bamboo Sushi Making Kit

Bamboo Sushi Making Kit

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    This socially-responsible sushi-making kit, fashioned from mature bamboo, features two silky, splinter-free rolling mats, a spreader knife, a versatile rice paddle, and five pairs of reusable chopsticks. Adhering to a strict protocol of safety, the components are BPA-, ink-, and dye-free - ensuring easy cleaning and a pristine tabletop experience. With its luxurious components, this capacious present is ideal for professionals and amateurs alike: boasting a novel solution for any special occasion, from housewarmings to anniversaries and bridal showers.


    Sushi Making Kit for Beginners & Professionals


    This sushi-making set is ideal whether you're a fledgling sushi chef or a seasoned one. Our kit is simple to operate, and is equipped with all of the necessary components for crafting sushi in your kitchen or a professional establishment. Made up of organic, solid materials, it ensures that your tools will remain durable and splinter-free, while the string used to tie the mats is securely strong and won't fray with age. Plus, the strength of its material ensures it can bear heavy use on a regular basis.



    Bamboo Sushi Making Kit includes:

    2 x Bamboo sushi rolling mats
    1 x Bamboo rice paddle
    1 x Bamboo rice spreader
    5 Pairs Reusable Chopsticks



    Sushi Roller Mats: 9.5 x 9.5 inch
    Rice Paddle: 9 inch long
    Rice Spreader: 6.7 x 1.2 inch
    Reusable Chopsticks: 8.85 inch long



    • 100% Sustainable Bamboo
    • All Natural
    • Plastic & BPA-Free
    • Formaldehyde-Free
    • Smooth
    • Splinter-Free
    • Durable
    • Great Gift Idea


    Easy to Clean

    You can clean this sushi making set easily with mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth.
    Not Dishwasher Safe. This bamboo sushi rolling kit is all-natural. Washing at high temperatures could harm it and shorten its useful service life.


    All Natural

    Our sushi maker kit is made from 100% natural Moso bamboo, one of the most renewable resources in the world. This was harvested at full maturity from sustainable plantations, away from pandas' habitats.

    This bamboo sushi maker set is BPA-Free, formaldehyde-free and plastic-free.

    The bamboo sushi mats are strong, smooth and splinter-free.


    Great Gift Idea for Any Occasion

    This bamboo sushi kit for beginners is a wonderful gift for men, women, wife, daughter, bridal shower, etc. And it's perfect for any occasion, such as Anniversary, bridal shower, wedding registry, Christmas holiday gifts, or as a housewarming gift for a new home.



    You can use the bamboo rice paddle as a kitchen utensil for cooking or making salads. The bamboo chopsticks are reusable, durable and strong, so you can use them with any food. The rice spreader can be used for any spread, like butter, jams, or chutney.


    Strong & Durable

    The bamboo used for our sushi set was harvested at full maturity to make it stronger and more durable.

    *Color, grain and scent may vary, as it is made of all-natural bamboo.

    Reusable Chopsticks Included

    This set includes 5 pairs of reusable bamboo chopsticks. These are perfectly designed with grooved tips to prevent foods from falling off.

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