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Beige Distressed Gradient Lumbar Pillow

Beige Distressed Gradient Lumbar Pillow

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Bestow your home's aesthetics with a contemporary hint with this Beige Distressed Gradient Lumbar Pillow. Crafted in a refined style, this cushion boasts a light beige base with distressed beige accents, blending to form a tasteful gradient for a pleasing look. The ultra-plush and featherweight pillow is composed from 100% polyester, making it convenient for cleaning and preserving its smooth surface texture. Adorn your rustic home decor with this lumbar pillow, blending with either muted hues or vivacious shades, and grant it an effortless refinement.

Color: Beige
Material: Polyester
Style: Traditional
Dimensions: 5(H) x 14(W) x 24(D)

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