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Black Panther Helmet Sculpture

Black Panther Helmet Sculpture

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Marvel's Black Panther is more than a 2018 American superhero film – it's an iconic addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that continues to capture the imaginations of audiences everywhere. Let the majestic presence of T'Challa, Wakanda’s wise and powerful King, be represented in your space with this breathtakingly intricate Black Panther Helmet Sculpture. Seamlessly boasting luxurious golden and black paints, mouth and side mesh, a stand, and other impressive features, this must-have collectible is sure to leave a lasting impression. Possess the regal charm of the Black Panther, and revel in it exclusive appeal! © Marvel Characters Inc. 13" x 11" x 17"

Color: Black
Material: Metal
Style: Traditional
Dimensions: 13(H) x 17(W) x 11(D)

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