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Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree - Small

Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree - Small

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 This is the bonsai tree we'd pick if you're a bonsai novice or simply don't have a knack for greenery. It's one of the easiest to take care of, and always looks amazing - so hassle-free and beautiful. If you're on the hunt for a gift, this leafy charmer is the way to go. You can trust it to thrive in any space, whether it be home, office, dorm, or beyond. It's loved for its miniature umbrella-shaped leaves, which make for a lush, green canopy. We promise this pick's a breeze to care for, and popular to boot!

An impressive 3-year-old specimen, 9" to 10" tall. It's a delectable-looking indoor Bonsai tree, carefully grown and expertly trained.

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