Maroon Tigers & Elephants Majestic Beasts Tapestry

Maroon Tigers & Elephants Majestic Beasts Tapestry

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Tigers and Elephants, some of the greatest and most majestic beasts to roam our beautiful mother earth. This tapestry celebrates them with a beautiful center mandala of elephants facing each other, trunks up and comparable elephants running all through the borders!  A duo of regal tigers are at each corner right in the thick of soft, clusters of leaves and boldly designed branches.

This gorgeous, handmade work of art is sure to wow you as soon as you add it to your home! Whether you hang in on a wall as a backdrop or chose to use it as maybe a bed cover or couch throw, you will absolutely love the way it livens things up! 


*100% Cotton & Handmade

 Dimensions: Approximately 90 x 80 Inches