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Set of 2 100 Year Calendar and Compass Quote

Set of 2 100 Year Calendar and Compass Quote

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This exquisite set of two compositions - a 100 Year Calendar and a Compass Quote - lends an air of sophistication and style to any nautical collection. The calendar, sporting hand-carved and painted numbers and illustrations, is an exceptional way to record dates from the year 2000 to 2099. The Compass displays the ever-inspiring quote: A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. These luxurious items are crafted from the finest brass and feature an antique brass finish. Delivered in one package, they are sure to be a treasured addition.

100 year Calendar dimension: L: 3.75 inches, W: 3.75 inches, H: 0.5 inches. Compass Quote dimension: L: 3 inches, W: 3 inches, H: 0.75 inches." 3" x 3"
Color: Multiple Colors
Material: Fabric
Style: Contemporary
Dimensions: 0.75(H) x 3(W) x 3(D)

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