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Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Base Blue 2 ft PVC

Snowing Christmas Tree with Umbrella Base Blue 2 ft PVC

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Our magnificently-made snow-fallen Christmas tree, bejeweled with decorations and luminescence, is the ideal centerpiece for your festive décor. Boasting lifelike branches, this artificial Christmas tree copies true texture and is endowed with a melodious chiming, baubles, twinkling lights, and a scattering of faux snow which drifts from the branches when activated. When turned on, tiny lights on the apex will beam brightly, while the integrated pump will move the snow from the base and flutter the treetops. The accompanying umbrella-shaped base collects the snow. Spend the entire Christmas season admiring snowflakes resting on the branches, and feel secure knowing this lightweight and durable tree can be reused annually, ultimately providing a priceless alternative to a real tree.


Create a unique Christmas atmosphere in your home! It's a sight that friends and family are sure to love.

  • Color: Blue, green and white
  • Material: PVC, polyester and plastic
  • Total height: 2 ft
  • Stand diameter: 1 ft
  • Tree diameter: 2 ft
  • Umbrella base diameter: 31.1"
  • Light source: LED
  • Voltage: 12 V~
  • Power: 5 W
  • Distinctive snow falling design
  • Decorated with Snowman family
  • Decorated with wreath
  • With cheerful melody
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Delivery contains:
  • 1 x Transformer unit
  • 1 x Umbrella-shaped base set
  • 1 x Ring support
  • 1 x Short pole
  • 1 x Figure set
  • 2 x Christmas tree
  • 1 x Light string (2 tips)
  • 2 x Street lamp (combined type) set
  • 1 x Wreath
  • 1 x Snow flake bag
  • 1 x Top
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