Single Terminated Selenite Charging Tray
Selenite Charging Tray
Selenite Charging Tray
Selenite Charging Tray

Selenite Charging Tray



Single-terminated Selenite tray Charging Plate is an ideal tool for cleansing, charging, and activating your jewelry and crystals. To cleanse, charge, or reactivate your jewelry, crystals and stones, simply place them on the Selenite tray for a minimum of 6 hours.

 Selenite Chakras: Third eye, crown

Selenite Element: Wind
Selenite Zodiac: Cancer, Gemini
Selenite Affirmation: I am one with myself, mother earth and the universe. I am filled with love and light.

Selenite Uses:

Selenite is a powerful stone with a very fine vibration.

Selenite purifies and cleanses the aura, protecting from negative influences.

Selenite enhances thought clarity, assists with spiritual insight and clears mental confusion.

Selenite is great for meditation or spiritual work because selenite instills a deep level of peace.

Selenite can be used to form a protective grid around a house or space. Place selenite in your home or workspace to ensure a peaceful, calm atmosphere.

Selenite is a great tool for cleansing and charging your crystals. Selenite magnifies and amplifies the energy of anything that is placed upon it, making it ideal for activating your crystals, stones and jewelry.

**All crystal healing information provided here is intended for spiritual guidance only. Crystal healing is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medicine. **