Renewal Ritual Kit
Renewal Ritual Kit
Renewal Ritual Kit

Renewal Ritual Kit

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Renewal kit + crystal grid
Clear the old + Ground your intention + Manifest Mindfully!


Renewal crystals:
~ Amazonite
~ Aventurine
~ Howlite
Palo Santo - Cleanse + clear + bring in blessings!
Moon and Jai ritual matches- Infuse passion into your rituals!
Crystal grid template -Ground your intention + Manifest!
“Renewal meditation” download

Now is the optimal time to assess the energies that should no longer be held onto and to concentrate on our aspirations, aims and desires. This diminutive yet incredible magical toolbox will benefit you as you strive to manifest an existence that is most harmonious with who you are!

A crystal grid is a device that facilitates the realization of our intentions. It fabricates a potent energetic field, and all the components included in the grid possess an energetically crucial part that will enable you to make your intentions clear and tangible, thus facilitating the process of their materialization with poise and elegance.

Cleanse and purify your home with antimicrobial Palo Santo
Intend to reinstate and revive the power in your home and life
Establish a crystal grid to ground your goal
Experience a pleasing aroma and refreshing ambiance at home
Permit your ritual's potent gains to keep growing.

Box dimensions 3x5x2